I had to

H: "Would that upset you, really, to think that you were hired because of some genetic gift of beauty not some genetic gift of intelligence?"
C: "I worked very hard to get where I am".
H: "But you didn't have to. People choose the paths that grant them the greatest rewards for the least amount of effort. That's the law of nature, and you defied it. That's why I hired you. You could have married rich, could have been a model, you could have just shown up and people would have given you stuff. Lots of stuff, but you didn't, you worked your stunning little ass off"

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Ana dijo...

¿Es parte de algo?

Mujeres lindas e inteligentes que prefieren confiar en su belleza antes que en su inteligencia... me parecen muy extrañas. Y las veo menos lindas.

¨ce_ dijo...

Es un diálogo de Dr House :P